Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO

It’s been an exciting few days to see t-commerce light up the front page of top news outlets. The latest news from Amazon has been a great catalyst, bringing attention to the idea (and reality) of turning televisions into a source for commerce.

At Delivery Agent, we’ve been building and growing this space for more than a decade. We started in 2005 with a vision of making television shoppable. This week’s news confirms that we’ve been moving in the right direction.

Our holistic approach and history makes us different from any company out there. We are motivated by three tenets that drive our t-commerce business: meet audiences where they are, impact how they interact with TV, and give them direct access to their favorite retailers and brands.

1. Meet Audiences Where They Are Already Engaging.

Chances are, wherever you are watching TV, we are already there. Delivery Agent has exclusive partnerships with broadcast and cable companies, movie studios, record labels and celebrities to power their digital commerce where audiences are already engaging – from TV to online stores to social media platforms. For example, Delivery Agent can activate commerce through Twitter’s “Buy Button” functionality. Our ShopTV® t-commerce platform is available on Samsung, LG and Sony connected TV devices, as well as Roku and other set-top box partners, to make televisions shoppable. These partnerships give the company the drive to innovate and the rights and reach to monetize audiences across devices and platforms.

2. Proving ROI While Giving Viewers Direct Buying Power.

A little known fact: Delivery Agent’s beginnings were sparked by Brad Pitt’s sunglasses in Ocean’s Eleven. It’s no surprise that we all covet products we see on television and in movies – cars, clothes, and yes, even sunglasses. It’s also no surprise that the ultimate goal of marketers who invest in television advertising is to sell product. Until now, there’s been a tremendous amount of friction in the process. If I view a television ad, I’m several steps or clicks away from being able to transact. With Delivery Agent’s t-commerce technology, however, advertising goes beyond brand awareness to prompt action.

Take, for instance, our latest partnership with Scion. Scion recently announced their plans to make car buying more efficient, letting consumers purchase cars through new channels and limiting (or perhaps even eliminating) time in a dealership. Using Delivery Agent’s t-commerce technology, Scion has turned their national television advertising into a real-time sales tool, allowing consumers to interact with their ads, get lease information – all while simultaneously watching TV.

The consumer interaction is just one part of the value chain. The data that results from a t-commerce campaign makes television advertising accountable, delivering detailed information about when and where consumers are most engaged with an ad campaign. Our partnership with Scion demonstrates a major milestone in making advertising more effective.

3. Empowering Brands with Direct Consumer Access.

It’s no surprise that Amazon continues to grow – this is a company, admirably, looking to take over the world. But, not all retailers are interested in joining for the ride. Delivery Agent’s t-commerce platform is home to the missing piece of the retail pie. Brands and retailers who want to maintain their direct relationships with customers live within ShopTV. Our partnerships to make brands, including Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Overstock.com and Wayfair, shoppable through the television bring consumers thousands of products right to their fingertips.

So what do these three tenets mean? Our technology bridges the gap between viewing and interacting, advertising spend and clear ROI, 1,200+ content partners and millions of consumers. Brands can strategically monetize audiences and audiences get what they want.

Amazon’s move into t-commerce is going to be great for its marketplace and Fire users. And, trust me, we all know that whenever Amazon makes a move, the world listens. We, at Delivery Agent, look at their news as validation of what we’ve already accomplished. Our technology advancements and ongoing partnerships with media companies, advertising agencies, retailers and CE manufacturers are much-needed fuel for the t-commerce fire – and it’s all coming together at the forefront of what could be the biggest move in the retail and e-commerce revolution.